Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pizza Break

I am not posting so much these days, sorry! The last couple of weeks have been super busy, and the next couple will be super busy as well. Thus, my posts will continue to be a little more sparse than every other day. Or at least shorter - like this one!

The above picture is of a vegan pizza slice from The Parlour on 43rd and Guadalupe. Back in the day a friend and I had a mutual guilty pleasure of pineapple and pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy's, and turns out the vegan version is as delicious. This here has vegan pepperoni, pineapple and vegan cheese. It still makes my tummy hurt, but, man, it seems worth it at the time. With beer, this really hits the spot after a long day. The location itself is pretty rad, too. Currently they are displaying the art from a recent pizza box art competition they had. Some neat and impressive stuff is up (like a sculptured robot!), so you should check it out if you can.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That looks SO good. The cheeze looks just like real cheese. I wish vegan cheeze in the U.K was nicer >:o(
Happy New Year Annette!

Jes said...

That's post-worthy pizza! Happy new year!

annette said...

This pizza is SO good, and definitely post-worthy! =)

Happy New Year to you, Becks, and Jes. It'll be a good one.