Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Delicious Beer, How I Love Thee, How You Hurt Me

It’s so sad. New Belgium’s Mothership Wit, my body can’t deal with you anymore. You hurt me. Where did I go wrong? In Portland, we got along so well. Things were good, right? But something happened, hm?

A friend brought over a 12 pack sampler of New Belgium beers. Our favorite by far was the Giddy Up!, with lemon peel and espresso – YUM. My standby was the Mothership Wit (an organic wheat beer), because I tend to enjoy wheat beers in general; I haven’t met one I didn’t like, but apparently it’s not about liking it or not liking it in this case. My body hated it. Oh man, it was baaaad. I had two beers all in all, and there was nothing new in the food I ate. My stomach felt horrible! There were seriously moments when I could barely move, the cramps were SO bad. It felt like how I imagine it feels to be stabbed in the stomach.

I think I’m going to have to stop drinking beer. After this night, I went to the Alamo Drafthouse (best theater ever) and got the Real Ale’s Coffee Porter (Texas, represent!). Oh man, I am a sucker for coffee/espresso beers, and it was great. Again, though, my stomach was hurting a ton by the end of the movie. So I haven’t had beer in about a week now, and I’m guessing that the cravings will go away eventually – that’s pretty much what is happening with my cravings for cheese, something I thought impossible. Yet, the sadness lingers. I am breaking up with beer; it’s really happening. I’m sure I’ll be getting sips from friends’ drinks (though beer has not been so agreeable with Nathan), but it’s not the same! Ugh, well, at least I’m not in Portland anymore. This would sting more if I was in Portland.


the veggie paparazzo said...

I wonder if you tried a gluten-free beer if you would be able to tolerate it better? Most gluten-free beers are sad substitutes for happy gluten-filled beers, but they're certainly better than no beer. I enjoy Toleration GF beer the best of the widely available brands. :)

annette said...

I'll try it; thanks for the tip. =)