Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Meals Out

While my parents were in town for Thanksgiving weekend, they took Nathan and me out for lunch. Unfortunately, our first choice of restaurant was closed (I’ve been wanting to try Foodheads for awhile now. It beckons me.), so we went to another place I’d been curious about, New World Deli. The spelling of the name at their location is NeWorlDeli, which I hate, but I’d heard that they had decent sandwiches. And at this point I hadn’t had bread in so long, I was craving a sammich.

My dad was very happy with his meal. I believe he had a tuna sandwich. Oh, no, it was a curried chicken salad sandwich. I didn’t try it, but he looked pretty content with it. Nathan had a Reuben, my mom had a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, and I had a turkey and havarti sandwich. I went all out, what can I say. I think Nathan’s Reuben was the star of the lunch, if not also the greasiest. My mom’s sandwich was pretty good, too. I wanted to get that one myself, but couldn’t get over the fact that I could make something like that at home pretty easily. Same thing with my sandwich, though. It was just okay. I should have gotten it toasted. All in all, New World Deli was pretty good. Next time I will have a better idea of what to get (and to get it toasted!), though I don’t see myself coming here often. Price-wise, it wasn’t too expensive, but not so cheap.

The other meal I had out was later that day, for dinner! Woo! Nathan and I went to Amaya’s, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants here, but also so, so bad for me. They have some knock-your-socks-off tacos, though. Their tortillas are home-made and fried up for their special crispy, “Village Tacos”. Yum, and way better than your run of the mill corn tortillas. Plus, the tacos are stuffed with super tender chicken, crunchy iceberg lettuce and a TON of jack and American cheese. It’s so bad, and so, so yum. Their beans and rice are also pretty tasty, their chips are fresh, salsa good, and the service is spot-on. Tummy-ache is inevitable, though, so I don’t think I’ll be going to this place much at all, but I will tell everyone I know with a tougher tum all about it. AMAYA’S TACOS ARE DELICIOUSLY BAD FOR YOU.

Currently I've been super into breakfast tacos, eating way too many eggs. My mom went to Juan in a Million the other day, a place I've been meaning to try for awhile now, and she loved it. So many places to try...mmm. There really are a TON of taco stands and restaurants in town. Not a lot of veggie options, but more than you'd think for a Texas town.

You can find Amaya’s at Village Capital Plaza 5405 N. IH-35. Austin, TX 78723.

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