Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sweet Tooth

I have been with a bit of a sweet tooth lately. After the detox, it came with a vengeance once I started eating sweeter things again. I have been treating myself a lot lately, and I think it has to do with my unemployment more than anything. Settling back into the states has been a lot harder than I had anticipated. When I left, I left a good paying job (that I was not at all personally invested in), amazing friends, a healthy social life, and a dream house with dream housemates. I left and traveled around the states and then moved to Argentina for nine months. It was an amazing experience, and I don’t regret any of it, but, man, being in a new town without any job prospects and only a handful of friends, there are definitely times when I pine for familiarity. Eesh, I need a cookie. Having your own troubles in our crappy economy? Maybe you need a cookie, too.

I currently have some very special cookies in my pantry. When in Argentina one of my favorite mid-day mate snacks were these Frutigran cookies. Really, my interest began with just spotting the package in a store one day and LOVING the name. It’s crazy adorable, especially with the Argentine accent. Once I finally got a package, though, I was hooked. They have a super satisfying crunch and are not too sweet at all. It’s kind of funny actually, I guess I proselytized the deliciousness of these cookies so much to friends that people I knew in Argentina now associate their memories of me with these cookies. Twice so far I have been the recipient of packages of Frutigran from friends who have either come back to the states and towed some over with me in mind, or sent packages along with another to hand over to me. I have no shame in this. In fact, I’m down to one package left, and if anyone out there happens to be in Argentina or anywhere that has access to Frutigran, pass ‘em along! Too many of these does make my tum hurt, but two or three with some almond milk or tea is blissful.

This package of cookies Nathan and I did NOT eat all in one night, and I was very proud of us, because they are good. This was my find in Wheatsville Co-op when I was looking for a gluten-free cookie (thanks to Wheatsville's neon-green "gluten-free" labels). They turned out to be very high in the yum-factor. Soft and chewy, with a satisfying texture. You can definitely taste the almonds. I highly recommend these cookies, but watch out. They are small enough to eat quite a few and by the time you know it – a full and aching tummy.

I haven't been eating so many cookies these days and I take that as a good thing. Plus, I only have one more Frutigran pack!

Now to take a nap!

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nathan said...

good luck. we're on the last pack! ;)