Friday, January 9, 2009

Quickie Dinner

It is so nice to be living near Wheatsville (super cute co-op), especially on these nights when both Nathan and I are super tired and hungry for yum. This particular night we had some leftover fried rice, but not enough to satisfy our respective hungers, so we hopped over to Wheatsville and checked out their deli case, which I have salivated over many a-times. I don't really buy prepared foods much these days (I either cook or go to a restaurant), but I've been wanting to try Wheatsville's food for awhile; it always looks so good.

We had the chicken-fried tofu and then just got some greens to add as a simple side (I'm telling you, we were REALLY tired). It was all SUPER delicious! We reheated the tofu in the oven, to keep the crispiness, and then cut it into strips. We were both very pleased.

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