Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Milk and Brownie!

This is the vegan walnut brownie from Wheatsville. It's taking a lot to not go to Wheatsville right now and get this again; this picture looks so good. I absolutely adored it. I was in chocolate and nut ecstasy, mmmmm....*drool*

Man, I think I'm going to go get one. Oh, and it's especially good with this:

I originally found out about this particular hempmilk from Karina's Kitchen pumpkin pie recipe. The recipe itself is awesome. I've made that pie at least five times since Thanksgiving (and, yes, I'm a little burnt out on it unfortunately - it's just so easy!), and it's always been nice to have the leftover hempmilk. I'd never had it before and this was a good excuse to give it a try, as Karina specifically mentions the Living Harvest Hempmilk in her entry. And it is delicious, lemme tell you. I like almond milk a lot, but hempmilk is a slightly richer, different kind of nutty flavor. It's a little thicker and more satisfying as a tasty treat. It fits the whole milk and cookies test, that's for sure.

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