Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sooo Delicious

At about 10:30 pm, a little after dinner, I wanted a treat. So much did I want a treat, that I totally wasted gas (though at $1.69/gal, how could I not? (just kidding!!)) and drove a measly six blocks to Wheatsville, Co-op to look for ice cream, specifically, a dairy-free Neapolitan ice cream.

Oh, I remember – Nathan had gotten a huge gallon tub of Bluebell’s Neapolitan flavor. Oh my god, Bluebell, Texas’ “best ice cream in the country,” and, dude, I haven’t found better. I mean, it’s a whole different category of ice cream – just super rich and creamy, very distinct from gelato and so much better than any other ice cream I’ve had. Horrible ingredients; really, don’t look at the ingredient list. When I was a kid I remember stopping by the Bluebell Ice Creamery in Brenham, Texas. My parents enjoyed very much recycled vacations, so we went there about three times in my childhood, at least (and the State Capital four times, the LBJ museum and the Alamo also four times…four times). I credit these experiences when it comes to my high tolerance for repetitive actions. What can I say, they meant well.

So, Nathan got a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and pulled it out that night. I’m sure he was pretty happy to not share (really, this ice cream is tasty), but seeing him indulge was too much, and I ran out to see what dairy-free treats I could find. Luckily, there is a soy version of Neapolitan ice cream by So Delicious. And it was good! I’ve never really liked the texture of soy ice creams, but this particular one really got it. The strawberry and chocolate flavors were the superstars in the trio. Definitely recommend it. Once I was savoring this, without the stomach-ache I would have gotten from a dairy ice cream, I didn’t miss Blue Bell so much. And Nathan was pretty happy about that for a number of reasons.

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nathan said...

I don't know if Bluebell is the very best ice cream in the USA but at two bucks and change per gallon, it's a pleaser.

And a gallon lasts about a week.

Just me.

and my gallon...