Friday, November 28, 2008

I Did Not Have Tacos For Thanksgiving

Hi. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was excellent. Easily my favorite holiday, though I had to work a little harder to make this one as delicious as could be (for someone as anti-suburban Thanksgivings as I). The last 7 years I've been having Thanksgiving away from my family, with friends, which, I have to say, is a whole lot more delicious and vegetarian-friendly. I love my family, and I had a great time yesterday, but as far as the food they's just a different world from what my taste buds ("taste bud" is such a cute word) have come to love and appreciate. Well, I'll talk more about that in a week. I still have some pictures on my camera to catch up on.

Nathan and I have been eating a lot of tacos since we've been in Austin.

I had to put this second picture in just because I think both pictures look sooo delectable. Like, that second picture is downright sexy, no? That crispy (but not burnt) corn tortilla, the innocently curled and haphazardly chopped cilantro...the fresh tomatoes...smooth avocado slices...mmmm...*drool* I want one now! Can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?

The "meat" is Morningstar's Veggie Crumbles. I've been into them since I first became vegetarian when I was a naive little high-schooler and didn't know any better. Really, I had no idea what I was doing. I ate way too many meat substitutes, not enough vegetables, and too much starchy stuff. I felt horrible physically but proud of my anti-meat stance in a very meat-centric city. But I digress - these "crumbles" are effin' good. There are few meat substitutes I stand by, but these are tasty in and of themselves. I've gotten Nathan slightly obsessed with them. Unfortunately, they are one of the many things I'll have to give up if it turns out I'm gluten intolerant. I read somewhere that some people are intolerant only to certain amounts of gluten...I have to make sure about that. These tacos didn't make me feel bad at all, but if I ate a bagel or had a beer, I would have killer cramps shortly after. These are things to note.

Oh, and we are having a BLAST with the access to cheap avocados we're having here. Jeebus - this particular week at Fiesta avocados were three for a dollar! THREE for a dollar! The store should have had those wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man things waving out in front, cuz that was just crazy.

And these tacos were mos definitely topped with Valentina sauce.

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nathan said...

tacos are delicious. morningstar veggie crumbles are pure vegan crack.