Saturday, September 13, 2008

At the Coffeeshop

The Veg-Hed Bagel Sandwich what I got at Nervous Dog Coffee, a comfy cafe in Bernal Heights (near the Mission District) in San Francisco. Nathan and I are staying in this area with his brother and I'm spending the day doing what I've been aching to do since arriving back in the states three weeks ago - staying cooped up in a cafe with my laptop, playing around on the internet...all day. It's privileged and luxurious, yes, and quite wonderful.

I was hoping this place would have food, and it does! And it's tasty!! And with vegetables!!! Exclamation points!!!! The sandwich was very satisfying, one of about four of their special sandwiches (though you can build your own, too). The bagel was toasted (they had run out of a lot of their bagels by one, when I arrived, but thank god there were still some Everythings left), and the sammich was piled with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, spring lettuce, and maybe some other stuff. It had a lemony hummous that was pretty yummy, and some cream cheese, which was a nice touch. I was surprised it wasn't messier. I am notorious for being a mess with certain foods (tacos, give me a stack of napkins. A STACK.), but sandwiches can be hit or miss in the messy department, you know? But this sandwich was prepared with a clear consciousness for the consumer - stacked thicker in the middle and thinner around the rims to help facilitate pinching the sammich at its borders in order to keep the innards contained. Genius! The handling of such a sandwich is a sweet trick I learned from a master sammich-eater (who only showed me the trick because of how much I was grossing him out), and clearly this good samaritan preparer was trying to nudge customers in the right direction, as well. Fortunately I was already in the know, but it was nice to see a sandwich taken seriously. For once! (I have no idea what I'm talking about.)

The Kettle chips I got were totally unnecessary, but it's so hard to resist the crunch factor they provide when sandwich-munching. I'm a sucker for the crunch factor, and Kettle chips do provide a good crunch.

The chai was suuuper good. It had a great name - Pirate's Chai! Argh! I'm not sure why it was named Pirate's Chai, but I loved it. It was a green tea chai, not too sweet, a cool green color, and the same price as the regular boring chai. Too bad I don't live in this area; I would totally frequent this place.

They also had some yummy looking egg breakfast sandwiches (you could get it with a bagel or english muffin), and some breakfast turnovers and lunchy quiches, none of which I actually had. The drink selection looked pretty good, and the prices were not quite as expensive as what I've been seeing in the area, well, not as expensive as the one other coffee shop I've been to since in San Fran at least. Meh.

All in all it was pretty darn good.

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